Bag in Box™ & Bottles

Bag in Box™ & Bottles

Bag in Box™ and other beverage containers 

First used commercially in the 1950's (for battery acid!), the bag-in-box system has come a long way.  Since Thomas Angove put his wine in polyethylene bladders, packaged in corrugated boxes (1960's), the way we view 'the rules' has changed - No longer is ale only available in casks and wine only available in bottles...

If you are a micro brewery or enjoy brewing your own beverages we have the right containers for you.

Our product range includes:

  • Bag in Box™
  • Stone Effect Cider Jug
  • Glass Bottles for Bottled Beers and Ciders

TD Online offers affordable containers which can be purchased in small quantities for the amateur brewer trying their hand, or large quantities for commercial use - for orders over £500 please contact for carriage options and availability

**PLEASE BE AWARE, ALL Bag-in-Box 'Collections' will now be from Clevedon BS21 6XU - Stock NO LONGER held in Westbury***