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Bag in Box & Bottles

Bag in Box and other beverage containers 

First used commercially in the 1950's (for battery acid of all things), the bag-in-box system has come a long way.  Since Thomas Angove put his wine in polyethylene bladders, packaged in corrugated boxes (1960's), the way we view 'the rules' has changed - No longer is ale only available in casks and wine only available in bottles...

If you are a micro brewery or enjoy brewing your own beverages, we have the right containers for you.

Our product range includes:

  • Stone Effect Cider Jug
  • Bag in Box beverage bags and printed boxes
  • Glass Bottles for Bottled Beers and Ciders

TD Online offers affordable containers which can be purchased in small quantities for the amateur brewer or larger quantities for commercial use - for orders over £500 please contact for carriage options and availability

**PLEASE BE AWARE, ALL Bag-in-Box 'Collections' will now be from Clevedon BS21 6XU - Stock NO LONGER held in Westbury***