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Cooking for One
They say living alone is unhealthy and expensive - Who can be bothered to cook a proper meal just for one, and who can afford the waste for that matter. But it doesn't have to be that way.. Cook one main meal and portion the leftovers for future..
Playtime with Taylor Davis barrels
A rather unconventional use of your barrels, but they were perfect for the job of transporting the precious cargo (packets of Haribo) across the murky swamp! Thanks for your help.
Moving House
""I'm selling my house" I cried down the phone No boxes for storage was my biggest moan The girl at TD was unflappable Told me most of their boxes were stackable Just what I need to pack-up my old home"
Fridge storage
The thing about modern life is we seem to live in such a throwaway society. The food and packaging waste alone drives me mad..! I’m really pleased I was able to find some middle-ground with TD Online’s small plastic tubs.. They’re a relatively ‘cheap throw-away’ product that I don’t actually have to chuck after one use…
They say drinking cider won’t solve your problems but neither will drinking water or milk!
We are now fast approaching spring and if you keep bees, it’s a good time to start thinking about the packaging for 2016's honey.
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